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World of Flashpoint: Green Lantern TPB

I have a new favorite Green Lantern. Possibly the most heroic, the most bad-ass of all the ring slingers; Abin Sur. Sure, in both original and new rebooted continuities he was cut down in his prime, driven by fear and ultimately under used… but this is the world of Flashpoint! A world where Abin Sur continues to protect life, where he and Sinestro had a falling out over the death of his sister, where he is the sole protector of sector 2814 (Earth, for the uninitiated) during a Blackest Night that has yet to reach our planet. Of course, we’ve got our own problems. In a war between Aquaman’s Atlantis and Wonder Woman’s Amazons, half of our planet has been nearly destroyed and once Sinestro seeks to learn from Atrocitus the prophecy of the Flashpoint, Abin must do what he can to stop him from changing history in his own image, save the white lantern energy from inside our world, find time to team up with Cyborg to save human refugees and do all of this before his ring runs out of power having been cast out of the Corps by the Guardians! Three issues so epic I may forget to put on pants tomorrow! As with all of the World of Flashpoint books, Abin Sur: Green Lantern was only the beginning. Within the GL book, you also get the Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown 1-3, the Green Arrow One-shot and the Hal Jordan three issue mini. Some of these are better than others and none better than the Abin Sur story. In fact, I didn’t even give away the most epic moments of Abin’s story if you can believe it, otherwise there’d be nothing to look forward to, now would there? End of line.

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