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Vampires Suck

Spoofs and satire of popular and trendy movies have been occupying the seedy underbelly of Hollywood ever since the Wayans brothers made Scary Movie in the nineties. Since then we’ve seen everything from the lampoon of comic book movies, un-originally titled; Superhero Movie to Epic Movie which covered LOTR and Pirates of the Carribean. Next up to bat; the tween girl sensation that is Twilight.

Here’s the problem; while haters are unlikely to need, want or go looking for a Twilight parody, are the emo kids that love this crap likely to have a sense of humor about it? The series was a void for humor intentionally and a few poorly placed sexual innuendos between Dietrich Baeder and his on screen daughter are unlikely to hit their mark.

There are a few jokes that seem borderline clever, yet nothing that begins to crack a smile. You should be able to tell without watching it whether or not you’d even want to. There’s no surprises here, no mysteries beyond; why bother?

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