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Trolling for Trailers: Tron: Legacy Full Trailer

We’re in the home stretch, about a month out, and here’s Disney’s last push for Tron: Legacy with the full trailer. This one reveals a heck of a lot more of the story than anything else we’ve seen before this. We finally get to hear from the real Kevin Flynn, and learn about the origin of his digital counterpart, CLU 2 from something other than the rumour mill. Anyways, enough of me jabbering on. That’s not what you’re here for. Check out the trailer below:

Now that you’ve watched that glorious piece of awesomeness, let me tell you of my recent experience with Tron at Disneyland. I was recently down there enjoying a magical honeymoon with my new wife, and upon arriving in California Adventure we were met with something that blew me away; the entire Hollywood Backlot¬† had been transformed into The Grid, and the Portal to transport you there would be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. And best of all, when the Portal is open, you can check out Flynn’s Arcade, play some Space Paranoids and even check out a full 7-minute clip from the upcoming movie. IN 3D

A Flynn's Arcade token in all it's glory!

A Flynn's Arcade token in all it's glory!

But even better than that, were the tokens for the arcade! They actually made special Flynn’s Arcade tokens, straight out of the movie. The best piece of merchandise from the entire trip and it only cost 25 cents!

On Sunday night, when we went to check out the event, we were met with quite the experience. The streets of the Hollywood Backlot were lit up and a full size Recognizer looming over you as you make your way past a huge DJ setup with go-go dancers and eventually Flynn’s Arcade itself. It was pretty intense. If you happen to be in the Southern California vicinity and you’re a Tron fan, I highly suggest you make it out to California Adventure while this is happening, because it’s a once in a lifetime event.

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