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Trolling For Trailers: The Trailer Mash

Every once in a while, you find yourself clicking around the net looking for something new. And every once in a while you find something cool. The Trailer Mash is a site where people edit trailers for already existing movies often changing the genre and feel of the movie. Some of them are fresh and funny as hell. Here”s two that I thought were pretty cool.

This first cut was really well done. I liked the complete reversal of the subject matter. Projects like these really show the power of editing and how you could really market a movie anyway you design schools will host an information expo. want to. Pretty cool, enjoy the new Sleepless in Seattle.

And this trailer I”m really just posting for Rovin. I didn”t think it was quite as effective as the first, but come on, John Hughes, baby!

Take a look at the site, they have a few other good ones. TrailerMash

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