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Transformers: Bumblebee

Transformers: Bumblebee collects all four issues of a miniseries that runs parallel with the first arc of the ongoing TF series.  The infamous Autobot underdog faces his biggest challenge yet, that of Autobot leader!  After Optimus Prime steps down as the big chief (in the pages Transformers: For All Mankind), in a surprising move, the Autobots elect Bumblebee to take over. Can Bumblebee overcome his own insecurities and rise to the occasion? Can the diminutive bot carry his very own title?

The simple answer is no, he cannot.  I’m not sure what’s more disappointing. Is it the boring, drawn out story or the simplistic art? I understand with every different artist there come a bit of creative license. But the decision to illustrate the characters in their G1 style runs in direct conflict with the way they are currently drawn in the ongoing series, which adapts a more modern take combined with the Michael Bay movie-verse aesthetics. In the end, the result can be confusing to new readers.

As a story, it’s boring. There’s really not much more I can add to that. It is the equivalent of unfinished deleted scenes found in the bonus disc of a DVD. If you love the ongoing series and want some extras, you might be interested in reading Transformers: Bumblebee. But I feel like it adds nothing to the greater story.  The plot is slow moving especially compared to the other miniseries, The Last Stand of the Wreckers (which has yet to be collected as a trade paperback). This should have been a one issue Spotlight.  I recommend skipping this and reading For All Mankind instead.

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