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Thunderbolts #149

I liked the concept of Shadowland but the tie-ins were kind of trash. Basically, if a hero wasn’t a big enough name or not closely associated with New York City, then his tie-in simply featured him or his team fighting Underhand Ninjas. This issue of Thunderbolts is definitely a case of that. There is some cool moments like when Man-Thing gets chopped into very many little pieces or when Crossbones reminds his teammates (and the reader) what kind of a racist prick he really is, just in case anybody was starting to warm up to him. I even like the continuing side story of Crossbones exposure to the Terrigen Crystals and the mutant power that is starting to manifest itself. Problem is, none of this adds anything to the Shadowland storyline. I love me some Thunderbolts but they have to be written by the right person and have the right line-up. Don’t get me wrong Luke Cage, Juggernaut, Crossbones, Man-Thing, Ghost, and Mach V on a team together is very cool but give them an arc worth reading…something juicy that won’t be interupted by the latest Marvel Event.

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