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The Spy Next Door

Jackie Chan‘s Version of True Lies is neither as charming or effective as James Cameron‘s Schwarzenegger vehicle. As Chan gracefully enters his elder years, he utilizes wire stunts more and more, most of the time unnecessarily. A simple and slick move from Jackie would be better received than a big stunt through air that ends up lookin’ cheese. Most of that could be overlooked if the script wasn’t so poorly written. Unconvincing dialogue is delivered by children who might have fared better with another script, but in the end it comes down to one thing; Jackie Chan. There are few people who can transcend the world’s haters and become almost universally liked. Snoop Dogg is one such person. Jackie Chan is another. And Jackie is decent in this movie, but is certainly deserving of a higher standard of material. As it is, the Spy Next Door is mostly misses aside from an overall appreciation for Jackie himself. Only the sadly die hard need apply.

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