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The Killer Inside Me

Paced at a slow and deliberate grind with moments of sheer unbridled brutality, Casey Affleck“s noir is a decent effort in most respects. Affleck”s performance is crossed between cold and dead eyes and bundles of nervous ¬†sweat. As per usual, his performance of a man getting to know his dark side rivals some of his best work. Jessica Alba, when she isn”t having her face beaten in, offers her usual bag of tricks and as the case has been in the last few years, it”s a small bag and is barely capable of holding one solitary trick in it that doesn”t involve pretending she”ll be naked while online casino not ever showing anything. Still, she doesn”t ruin the movie and people who hate her intensely might get a sick enjoyment out of watching her get her face pushed in. As obvious as Alba is in every production she is a part of, Kate Hudson contrasts her completely, almost disappearing on screen. Whether all too subtle or simply fully entwined in the fabric of the character and story, Hudson doesn”t feature as prominently as one might think. This is a pot boiler built on characters and slow built pressure akin to the Cohen Brother“s “The Man Who Wasn”t There” with a much darker edge.

The DVD could have presented more material, but as it is, we”re given three ten minute conversations with each if the stars where they attempt to glad hand each other and how wonderful they are ad nausea.

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