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Survival of the Dead

Few franchises are able to last six installments, let alone keep the same director! George Romero has waited out the decades, only popping up every ten years or so to make the essential films of Zombie lore, Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead. Absent for the nineties, Romero has been making up for it with three movie is five years! It’s just too bad that quality seems to he sacrificed for quantity.

There isn’t much that really works in the newest entry, but two important elements seem to have been misjudged. While horror fans (more than most other genre fans) can be pretty forgiving on plot lines and performances, but there needs to be some seriously wicked gore or make up effects as this is basically the bread and bitter of the genre. In this film there is far too much reliance on computer generated effects to bring the violence to life. Sometimes CG can be used to good or at least stylized effect, but Survival of the Dead misses the mark by a long shot. Completely unrealistic and eye rolling silly ideas for gore that raise an eyebrow questioningly.

The other main problem is one of tone. Most of the violence is comic, slap stick, ridiculous Wile E. Coyote antics, but it has no place in a Romero zombie flick.

In the end, we haven’t tread on any new ground here, or created much worthy or glowing praise, but these last two “Dead” films both suffer from emaciated budgets and will make some Romero die-hards very happy regardless.

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