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Superior #1

Mark Millar is a cocky, juvenile, mouth-running son of a bitch, but he is also very fucking talented. It wouldn’t be wise to doubt the old Master of Millarworld because he consistently comes with it. Wanted, Red Son, The Ultimates, Civil War, American Jesus, Kick-Ass, and the list goes on. But even with a track record like that, the fans do not like the idea that M-Double seems to be making comics just to make them into movies. His creator-owned property just before this one, Nemisis, apparently was being considered for a film before the first issue even dropped! That’s questionable. Why, you ask? Because comics need to be written as comics, not as storyboards. Ask Alan Moore.

So, to the title at hand, Superior #1 is a successful first issue. It gives you the basic details of the story, sets the tone, and then pulls you in. There are twenty-four pages of comic panels and word balloons and almost no ads, but this still felt insanely short. I actually went and counted the pages to call Millar out on gypping us but sure enough, it had the standard number. That should tell you something. Now, as for this title being created just to be a movie, the tongue-in-cheek joke Millar built into this one, is that Superior is a movie superhero that main character Simon Pooni somehow actually becomes. So, if this was to be turned into a movie, it would be the adaptation of a graphic novel about a teenager who becomes a superhero from the movies. Wrap your head around dem metaphysics.

Sure, anybody who has any comic knowledge can tell this is Millar doing his version of Superman/Shazam, but then again Kick-Ass was basically his more realistic take on Spider-Man, so I don’t think we will be disappointed.

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