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Shop Talk 050

Hosts: Tony Albrecht, Jonny Botsch, Travis Kutt, Nick Kliensteuber

-Post Halloween commiserations for all survivors.

-Jonny can”t stop griping about the Limits of Control.

-Random Zardos talk.

-Devil. M Night”s produced flick and Nick”s opinion.

-Kick Ass recap.

-Grand Theft Auto in first person perspective?

-The Darkest Hour. Why isn”t it better?

-Andrew makes a poopie.

-Some Halo talk.

-Tony is not a fan of American Beauty. Is that even possible?

-Silent Hill movie one of the best video game adaptations.

-Deadly Class TPB Vol.1 by Rick nbso online casino reviews Remender is the book pick of the week.

-Some comic talk cuz that happens in the shop… derrr.

-Is Marvel Going to reboot their continuity ala DC New 52?

-Michael Bay is a poet and he know it… oh he know it!

-The cool and the stoopid of Star Wars Rebels.

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