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Shop Talk 048

Hosts: Jonny Botsch, Nick Kleinsteuber, Tony Albrecht, Travis Kutt

-Breaking Bad TRU debacle.
-Daredevil gets his sight back? What?
-Travis recommends Gone Girl.
-Deadpool’s Art of War #1
-Jean Claude Van Damme’s 6 Bullets.
-Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark remake produced by Guillermo Del Toro
-Baltimore TPB Vol.1
-Rundown of the newly announced DC Movies
-Jonny’s take home pile includes, new issue of SheHulk, Multiversity #1 the third, new issue of The Maxx, Batman Eternal #29, Secret Avengers TPB Vol.1, Mortal Kombat Legacy II on Blu Ray, Titans Doctor Who Minis Series 5
-Tony’s Toy Pick of the Week is 3A’s Dead Astronaut

-Travis justifies his purchase of Transformers Age of Extinction

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