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Shop Talk 035

Hosts: Jonny Botsch, Nick Kleinsteuber, Travis Kutt

Topics of conversation this episode include; Things Jonny hates about the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy (surprise, surprise), griping about TF4 (shocker), why Jackie Chan”s the Medallion sucks (does that even need an explanation) and then a run down of Jonny”s DVD and Blu Ray purchases this week. Who buys casino online these things any more? Jonny does, somehow, for some reason:) These include the Black Dynamite Animated Blu Ray, A Documentary about the Dune movie that was not to be, a couple documentaries on hipster VHS collectors, a Bruce Lee Clone 12 pack of flicks. We discuss Luc Besson”s filmography. Pearl Jam”s odd career choices and Travis gets taken to task for thinking Nirvana is overrated.


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