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Shop Talk 029

Tony, Jonny, Nick and Travis were talking about Downtown Abby and then the show started. We start with anger rants from Jonny. Surprise surprise! That includes the worst customer in recent days… Toy pick of the week is the Figuarts Mario. Travis discusses a documentary of Smash Bros. Then we talk about Plastic Galaxy; a doc about Kenner Star Wars collecting. Jonny’s pick of the week for comics was the original graphic novel Black Canary/Zatanna: Bloodspell HC by Paul Dini. Darkman creeps in somewhere… Then we discuss Hasbro’s big news for comic shops which allows retailers to order specific and individual action figures rather than their case assortments. Tony’s pick of the week for toys is Skeleton Warriors reboot. Then we discuss a kung fu classic Shaw Bros movie the Five Venoms. Who likes Fallout 3? Well one of us has too short of an attention span to enjoy it. Guess who or just listen to the episode and hate that person…

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