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Shop Talk 027

When do an episode Shop Talk we keep it real. So real in fact that this episode kicks off with a convo about Porn, cuz that’s what guys are gonna discuss at some point if left to our own devices. Specifically porn parodies like Avengers and the Big Lebowski which are awesome. Then we discuss X-Men Days of Future Past. Does it live up to the hype? We discuss Malificient as well for better or worse as well as other recent animated movies like Frozen. We attempt to figure out why a serious collector of toys and other children’s show merchandise can’t bring himself to enjoy children’s movies and shows. Not that we succeed. So we move on to talking about live action Mortal Kombat. Travis recommends horror movie You’re Next.  Jonny finally sees the Hunger Games and decides to complain about it, surprise, surprise. A few episodes ago we had glowing reviews for the Lego Movie but this episode seems mostly colored by negative reviews and the Lego Movie doesn’t escape the criticism this time around. On the verge of 22 Jump Street we can’t escape talking about Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum’s new movie. What else? Danny McBride’s new show, Tom Cruise’s next movie Edge of Tomorrow, and we get convo sidled by a mysterious local personality who appears and helps to intro my toy pick of the week; a vintage Exo Squad figure that still fires missiles at Nick. Although I had two picks for comics this week to discuss, we get side tracked before we got to the second title Batman 66/Green Hornet the new Kevin Smith comic. Instead we only discuss the Boom Studios comic Big Trouble In Little China #1.

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