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Shop Talk 025

Shop Talk in the house with Tony, Nick, Travis and Jonny. We start with chit chat on the new trailer for Constantine and its fair to say we have mixed reactions to it. Then we argue about the problems of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Then we discuss the first image of Batfleck in costume. Our toy pick of the week are the promotional bouncing ball rubber eyeballs of the Watcher that Marvel is giving away to promote their new summer event, Original Sin. In the series, somebody has killed the Uatu the Watcher and carved out his eyeballs. Tony tells us about the newest Lego releases for Guardians of the Galaxy. Nick brings in his toy picks of the week; a ceramic mug of R2-D2 that you can’t see, but you can hear! He also brings in a small bust of Optimus Prime that he found on ebay that also makes sounds. Then we run down some new books in the reading pile that include; Shang Chi’s Deadly Hands of Kung Fu and Green Arrow ongoing. One gets a good review and the other does not.

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