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Shop Talk 024

Another full house this week with Jonny, Jordan, Travis, K-stu and Tony chomping on comic and toy stuffs. So we start off with why the nineties Animated Batman Series is the definitive Batman series and who of us likes Beware the Batman and who does not. Travis brings in some eighties and nineties collectibles for us to look at and for you to listen to… they don’t make noise though. Good luck. Nick brings in Avengers #108 and we laugh at Hawkeye’s ridiculous little known native indian costume from the annals of the past. We throw some praise out there for Peter J. Tomasi. We also gripe about all new reboots. Why do comic companies constantly rip each other off? Tony chooses a bunch of urban vinyl toys for his picks of the week that includes Sucklord’s S.U.C.K.L.E. figs. We also touch on Kidrobot’s current company direction.

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