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Shop Talk 023

Back on the grind! After a celebratory FCBD, we post an episode recorded mere days before it, starting with the Jewish Peter Parker, what do we like and dislike about Mr. Howard Stern and Brian Singer’s current legal troubles. It is then we are interrupted by a customer (which happens from time to time) causing a fracture in the conversation for a few minutes while two convos go on simultaneously. The it’s on to the casting for the new Star Wars movie. Travis asks why people hated Battle for Los Angeles so much as well as the eternal question; if you had to choose between Nicholas Cage or John Travolta running his hands over your face, which would you choose? Does anyone remember the Musketeer? Neither do we. We touch on some Michael Crichton books to films. Jonny also gives a run down of eight DVDs he bought at FanExpo and of course nobody has ever heard of or seen almost any of them. Tony and Andrew discuss customer service attitudes briefly and do not come to blows over the matter. Then a scuffle over which Hellraiser sequel is the worst/best/stupidest. Finally, Travis decides to buy the Matrix Trilogy on Blu Ray… and we never heard from him again.

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