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Shop Talk 021

Here’s a celebration of Free Comic Book Day! Tony, Travis, Nick and Jonny sit around and talk about what books you should definitely pick up this weekend when you’re out at your favorite shop for free books n whatnot. Here’s a list of the books we discuss in order;

-Kaboom Summer Blast

-Dark Horse’s Avatar The Last Airbender

-Papercutz Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

-Papercutz Smurfs

-Archie’s Megaman/Sonic the Hedgehog

-IDW’s V-Wars

-12-Guage’s Sherwood Texas/Boondock Saints

-Action Labs’ Zombie Tramp

-Bongo’s Free-For-All Simpsons Book

-Alterna Comics’ FUBAR Ace of Spades

-Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

-Marvel’s Rocket Raccoon

-IDW’s Transformers Vs GI Joe

-DC’s Future’s End

-Top Cow’s Rise of the Magi

-Oni’s Courtney Crumrin


That would be everything if we didn’t digress (as we tend to do) into stuff like Steven Seagal movies and Karate Kid:) Have a great FCBD guys!


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