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Shop Talk 016

Okay, here we go… so this episode was SUPPOSED to come out BEFORE the Japan two-parter, but due to some unforeseen technical malfunctions that was no able to be scheduled. So here it is out of order but still here none the less.

We start with a griping about the new Rodriguez From Dusk Till Dawn TV show, the secret surprising love shared between podcasters of beloved children’s icon Teddy Ruxpin and then we spend the rest of the show running down a list of “20 Things That Men Do That Women Don’t Know About”. Surprisingly, or maybe not, this takes up an hour of our day and now yours as well;) We also discuss the Lady Gaga charity scandal but not like you’d expect.

Tony’s toy pick of the week are Mixels a Lego style product based off a TV show. Jonny’s reading pile includes; TMNT Villain Micro Series Vol.2 TPB, Uncanny X-Men Vol. TPB, Uncanny Avengers Vol.1 TPB, Robocop the Last Stand #8, Fantastic Four #1, Captain Marvel #1 and Secret Avengers #1. The pick of the week is Eastman And Laird’s TMNT Color Classics #5 Return to New York Part One.

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