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Shop Talk 013

Jonny, Tony, Nick and Travis are at the table. This week we cover Toy Fair reveals, the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer that was released and William Fichtner cast as Shredder in Michael bay’s TMNT movie. A brief discussion of contemporary music track in video games breaks out. Transformers 4 with dinosaurs is on the chopping block along with the toys that will be released. Nick gives a run down of a PC game; Papers Please and what makes the game so good. Travis gives us his philosophy of violence in horror movies and beyond. Jonny’s pick of the week is Locke & Key again, but then reviews a stack of stuff he read this week that includes Jeph Loeb’s Nova Vol.1 TPB, Punisher #2 and New Warriors #1 from the All New Now. Toy picks of the week include Kid Robot’s Huck Gee’s 8 inch Penelope McStompsalot Dunny and Fansproject’s GlacierBots and HeroFactory Invasion From Below which should all be obvious as to who picked what if you know who you’re listening to:) And as always, we’re bitching en masse on Hasbro’s case lots, but what else is new?

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