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Shop Talk 010

Ten episodes already! And this week is the mother of all podcasts and we went off the rails! So much so that this week’s episode is two and a half hours! Don’t worry though, not everything will appeal to every listener, so to help you navigate and let you skip the topics of conversation you might not be interested, we’re posting a timeline below of roughly where you skip ahead to get to the stuff you want to hear.

So why was it so crazy? Well this week we had all four horsemen of the apodcastlypse in the shop. Jonny, Nick, Travis and Jordan together for the first time a lot had to be said. Honestly there’s a lot that didn’t need to be said as well, but that’s what Shop Talk is like.

1:10 -Tarantino talk starts with more about the Hateful Eight

7:15-The phenomenon of Paul Rudd

11:50-Some hateful hate for Patton Oswald and then Grant Morrison’s DC work reviewed and some Superior Spider-talk

22:05-Tolkien’s thoughts on what makes a crappy movie crappy?

31:10-Warner Bros upcoming King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table 10 movie epic and more Superman/Batman rumors and speculation

35:30-Deathlok on Agents of Shield and what did we really want out of the show? And T-kutty’s Tactical Tomahawk

47:45-Elysium, current science fiction movies like Pacific Rim, the comedian Mark Wahlberg and video game movies

1:02:30-Why are untalented people still successful, Riff Raff and the rap game, Travis’ pee break, Jay-Z and Metallica, Run DMC

1:16:45-Everybody’s first hip hop albums

1:24:30-A retrospective on R. Kelly’s life problems and personal responsibility

1:33:20-Jonny’s comic pick of the week is the upcoming Locke & Key HC Vol.6

1:34:40-Nick has two pick of the week for toys; Fansproject Diesel and a TMNT mini pack

1:40:30-Lego Star Wars revealed and more Disney Star Wars rumors including one that blows Jonny’s mind

1:46:30-Jordan’s Music pick of the week who is not Action Bronson but could be

1:57:10-Michael Bay’s TMNT leaks

2:14:10-A Tarantino ending as well as Max Brooks newest book and why QT might be irritated by it


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