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Over the Christmas break we fell behind an episode. So in an effort to catch up, we’ve posted two episodes this week and this is the third to be posted just a few days apart. We’re now caught up;)

Podcasters this week are Nick, Jonny and Travis. So What’s on the chopping block this week?

First off we have an introduction to explain an odd situation that includes a trip to the hospital and a funeral and these are two separate incidents! So there were last minute line up changes and all will be explained in our five minute intro and then we go into our episode proper. So if you don’t care about our personal problems (as you shouldn’t), then you can skip the first five minutes and then get the real poop.

This episode covers Nick’s toy pick of the week, Diamond Select’s Infinity Gauntlet Bottle Opener. We discuss Tarantino’s betrayal of his leaked script to Hateful Eight. Is he being a big baby? Some say yes, some say… maybe not? Then we’re off on a scathing review of Robert Rodriguez’ career. After Nick subjected himself to the torture that is Green Lantern the movie, his inner masochist returns and he subjects himself to The Wolverine. His thoughts unfettered. Then Jonny’s picks for comics and few extra that he read this week. Rick Remender’s Deadly Class #1, All New X-Men #22 which is the first chapter of the Trial of Jean Grey are both discussed and then a few picks of Euro comics such as Lucky Luke and Yoko Tsuno before the pick of the week… Benny Breakiron! Who? What? Find out why while Jonny just blabs on about Euro comics like you care;) In our European Comic discussion Nick asks the question; are TinTin and Captain Haddock gay? And what Euro Comic character made it into the Disney afternoon that you never knew?

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