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Shadowland #5

Hmm, I’m gonna just have to come right out and say it, this fifth issue of a five issue Shadowland mini series defined “anti-climactic”. Yes, the cover looks bad-ass. It depicts Ghost Rider whuppin’ on the demon-posessed Daredevil, and it’s Cassaday’s best cover of the series. (spoiler alert) But then you get into the issue and although Ghost Rider rolls up the side of Daredevil’s fortress all bad man business like, he gets worked immediately by DD, who proceeds to absorb all Ghost Rider’s hell-fire, leaving him extinguished and out of the game. While I am a huge Iron Fist fan, it was kinda wack that it was a hero already handled by DD in his Shadowland fortress that manages to deliver the deciding blow. Why is that wack you ask? Because it’s like a loophole. We expect a hero not yet on the playing field to come in save the day but instead we get fooled with a misleading cover, and then one of our already defeated heroes “wakes up” and finishes it. However, the way Iron Fist beats the demon is pretty cool. He hits him with an extremely powerful healing punch (which is well within his power set), thereby separating Matt Murdock and the Beast of the Hand that had possessed him. I will say that I’m glad that Marvel toned it down this year and did something a little lower scale, but I won’t bullshit you, the end of Shadowland left something to be desired.

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