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Night of the Demons

In 1988, Night of the Demons was a fun and quirky flick with some really original ideas and effects. Don”t get me wrong, it”s still a cheesy horror movie that most people are likely to never see, but that”s probably the most that it has in common with it”s 2010 counterpart. Sure the new movie has an eclectic collection of cast members that range from eye candy like Shannon Elizabeth, Monica Keena, Diora Baird and Bobbi Sue Luther, (each of which has at least one other horror movie under their belt,) to poor Edward Furlong who seems to be kicked from one bad movie to another. So let”s see, none of the new girls actually get naked in the new movie, but there is still plenty of nudity and our main group of girls are putting the cleavage out there in Dette er hva du vil fa som en aktiv spiller: 1)      Regelmessige bonuser pa store innskudd, 2)      Ukentlige top-up-bonuser, 3)      Opptil 50 gratis spinn pa nye spill, 4)      Gratisturneringer hver dag, 5)      Fem gratis spinn pa en forskjellig spilleautomat hver ukedag. a real pause-worthy fashion. Many fans of the original will recall the lipstick scene which has an embellished version in the new movie. It”s the only time any of our main cast actually get naked but it”s most likely a body cast as it was in the first film. Shannon Elizabeth herself only got naked once in her first big movie and has spent the next ten years trying to pretend that she has other talents with little to no success. Even the special effects don”t feel as inventive as they casino online did twenty-two years ago, although the over the top gore was fun.

The truth is that although this movie could be torn apart by all of it”s failings, it is actually a loving homage. You can tell that the film makers layered in some cool nods to the original and while this version of the film isn”t particularly good it may be just as well received in twenty-two years as the fun and gory cheese-fest that it is. And it”ll take the entire package; the over-the-top effects, Shannon Elizabeth”s cringe worthy performance and even the tacky, eighties, neon, eye irritatingly day glow lighting. Now remember that Night of the Demons will be part of a truly lame sub genre of horror films of the early twenty first century; the horror remakes. Put that all together and I think you”ll have the recipe for a late blooming cult film. What kind of a glorious world do we live in where in twenty-two years people could see the remakes of 13 Ghosts and Night of the Demons and celebrate them for how enjoyably bad they truly are?

Special features include: making of featurette and audio commentary by director and cast including Monika Keena and Bobbi Sue Luther.

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