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Lost: S:6 Ep:3 The Substitute

Hello once again fellow Lost addicts. Phew, what a good week to be a Lost fan. With a Locke-centric episode, we’re treated to not one but two (and a half, but I’ll get to that later) answers. Even if they’re minor ones, at least there answers.

So we open in Safe Landing Universe (SLU) with Locke arriving home from the airport. After his wheelchair elevator breaks down , Locke’s “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” attitude takes over, which results with him laid out on the front lawn with the sprinklers on. This is when were treated to a nice surprise…this Locke is living with Helen (Katey Sagal). We subsequently find out they’re planning their wedding. This makes me wonder how Locke got in that wheelchair. Did his dad still cause it? Oh the questions. It also turns out that Locke was in Australia for business, which he skipped out on to go on the walkabout. The following day at work Locke’s douchebag boss, Randy, informs him that he checked up on him and knows he never attended the conference he was supposed to attend. Randy promptly fires Locke….what a douche!

Back on the Island, Smlocke (smoke monster/Locke) starts his “recruiting” process by first talking with Richard, who is buying nothing that he’s selling… but Sawyer on the other hand. Finding Sawyer a drunken mess in his old Dharma house, Smlocke makes a “devil’s deal” with him, promising to tell him “why” he’s on the island. Before he accepts, Sawyer tells Smlocke that he knows he’s not Locke, explaining that Locke was always scared even when he was pretending not to be. Of course this does not deter Sawyer in excepting his offer.

Back in the (SLU) Locke is in the parking lot trying to get in his van, but a very distinctive yellow Hummer is parked too close. After setting of the alarm and chewing out the owner it turns out the vehicle’s owner is also the owner of the company, and of course that would be Hugo. After a short conversation Hugo shows why he’s the coolest rich guy ever, by hookin’ up our man Locke with another job. Any Job he wants. When Locke goes to get his new job, he’s interviewed by Rose, who is still suffering from terminal cancer (so some things stay the same).

Back on the island, Sun, Ben, Lapidus and Ilana go to bury Locke. This is when we get our answers. First we find out why Ilana brought Locke’s body (so people could see the face of what they’re up against) and the fact that Smlocke is stuck in his “Locke” form. After a nice little eulogy by Ben were he admits to killing Locke, we are back with Sawyer and Smlocke, when the two of them come across a young boy. Smlocke is surprised that Sawyer can see him but before he can answer his questions (or ours) he takes off after the boy. After falling the boy warns Smlocke that he cant break the rules and that he “cant kill him?” So who is this Kid? Is it Aaron? Jacob? A whole new player? I guess we’ll half to wait and see. While Smlocke is out in the jungle a vary dishevelled Richard approaches Sawyer and tells him that he should not trust that man and that he should come with him to the temple, and of course Sawyer refuses when Richard takes off.

In the SLU, we find Locke substituting at a school. While in the teachers lounge he meets the vary persnikity European History teacher, Ben Linus. I can already see these two becoming friends.

Once again on the island Smlocke leads Sawyer to a cave that is vary “Planet of the Apes” like. Anyway, after removing a white stone off one side of a scale and tossing it into the ocean, tipping the balance in favor of the black rock, Smlocke shows why he brought Sawyer there. Written all over the cave walls are names with numbers, mostly crossed out. If you were paying attention and looking closely you would have noticed Littleton crossed out, which leads me to believe that Claire did indeed die in that explosion in season 4. The ones not crossed out are as follows: 4-Locke, 8-Hurley, 15-Ford, 16-Jarrah, 23-Shepard and 42-Kwon (Sun or Jin?) Smloke continues to explain to Sawyer that he’s a candidate to take over for Jacob. Smlocke gives him three options; 1) Do nothing and see how everything plays out. 2) Take up the mantle of Jacob and protect the island and 3) Help each other out and get off the island. The episode ends with Sawyer accepting Option 3 (there’s a surprise).

So there you have it; another week, another show. We got some minor questions answered and have some new one’s as well (like what do the numbers associated with the candidates mean?). But all in all, a great episode that has me psyched for the next time we see Claire, as well as everyone at the temple. So, until next week keep those joints rolled and beers cold and see you here in 7.

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