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Kick-Ass 2 #7 vs. CLiNT #14

Publisher: Millarworld / Icon; Titan Magazines

Reviewed by: Jordan C.

Yes, this is a comparative review between the finale to Mark Millar’s most popular creator-owned title and the latest installment of his magazine. Why compare them? Well, really to highlight how dope CLiNT is. The magazine is a mix of oversized printings of his creator-owned comics and great interviews for about $7 (depending where in the world you are). You get three comics for the price of two, plus they are printed Euro size! The only thing that makes the regular comics still possibly worth buying is the covers and they come out about a month earlier.

If Alan Moore is on one end of the comic book writer spectrum wanting nothing to do with Hollywood or cash-grabs of any kind, Mark Millar is on the opposite side, ready to pimp his comics and ideas at the drop of a dime (or less). But that does not make him a bad writer…far from it. He seems at the top of his game lately as he throws out random new comic series ideas every other month. A couple months ago we heard about Supercrooks and The Secret Service, last month it was Jupiter’s Children and a Hit-Girl mini. And they are all with dope artists! Supercrooks with Lenil Yu, Secret Service with Dave Gibbons, Jupiter’s Children with Frank Quietly, and Hit-Girl once again with JR Jr!! The only name I don’t see there I might expect is Bryan Hitch. I would love to see Millar do an original title with Hitch after their time together on The Ultimates and Ultimate Fantastic Four.

Now, that I have elaborated on Millar’s integrity and output, let me say that if you want to get a taste of everything he’s working on (even as a means to decide which comics to actually collect), pick up the next issue of CLiNT.

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