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Justice League Origins HC Vol.1

First on the shelf from DC’s new universe in collected hardcover format is the flagship title of Earth’s mightiest of the mighty! That’s right, Geoff Johns and Jim Lee! You thought I was referring to Supes and Bats and the rest? Well seeing the sales this book’s generated over the last six months and the numerous reprints of the first three, four, no five issues, you have to wonder if the characters or the creators are selling this book? It doesn’t matter too much in the end. The point? This book is built to be a crowd pleaser. If course that has positive and negative points if you’re looking for them. First off, the book reads fast, Flash fast, which is nice but also really simple. All the characters are there in good form –with the exception of GL who has just become an obnoxious Guy Gardner style jerk, and the patter is just as zippy as the pacing. Jim Lee’s art is as fantastic as ever but there is such little growth in his style, it’s like we’re still in the nineties or maybe these pencils were approximated by a holographic computer Jim Lee. Again, you could interpret this either way depending on you feelings/expectations on his artwork to begin with. Darkseid is a cool villain, but Johns has basically created a story that boils down to depth of a Joss Whedon Astonishing X-Men comic; Big bad shows up, fights ensue, witty banter in full effect, good guys win. Not much to it. Maybe that’s okay for Joss Whedon, but after all he’s done on Flash, Green Lantern, Booster Gold, JSA and Superman, I had higher expectations for Johns than a book tantamount to the Justice League Legion of Doom animated feature. That’s about as deep or original as we get here. My only real criticism is that seven or eight years ago, Grant Morrison started JLA with a new number one and he knocked it out of the park! He wrote a story where the League is taken out by a new super team and the only one left is Batman, and it’s Batman who saves the day, centime his reason for being on a team with the greatest capes the world has ever known! By comparison or even in it’s own right, Johns’ book makes you wonder why Batman is on the team by the reader and enforced by the characters who are constantly questioning why he’s even there! Like a summer blockbuster film, Justice League Vol. 1 is over hyped and underwritten but still a fun ride and there’s always a place for that on your shelf, right?

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