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Joe the Barbarian #1

Fables, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Marvel 1985, recently Unwritten and now Joe the Barbarian all bring fictitious characters that we know into (a still fictitious) real world situation. The question will be whether or not Grant Morrison can put enough of an interesting spin on this idea to keep it fresh. His collaborator Sean Murphy is a good faith gesture for sure, as his art flourishes in detail, style and mood. The only problem one could pick at regarding this first issue is that not much happens. Much of the issue is exposition and background info for our lead character Joe. He is picked on at school for being a geeky, artistic, loner type and his father is dead. His mother seems to be having some kind of financial trouble and he is an only child whose best friend is a pet rat online casino or gerbil of some kind. This is obviously perfect breeding grounds for escape into a fantasy world. The twist that we’ll be getting this time? Rather than only using characters in the public domain, it appears that Morrison will be using characters that although unnamed will be obvious to readers as Transformers, GI Joe, Batman, etc. If that doesn’t grab your attention, then maybe this will; when they show up they seem to have been through some kind of war and are missing arms and legs and shit! Yeah, could be hot!

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