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Guttural Frequency 007: Post Apocalypse

Ride into the wastelands with us as we try to figure out just exactly how this world is going to end.  Will it be due to drought, loss of bees, or the awakening of a slumbering cosmic horror?

In other news, join us this weekend at UBC for Anime Evolution, we will be hosting panels this weekend focusing on horror games, creepypastas and even a live podcast!  On Saturday evening you can find us at the new and improved Pit Pub also at Anime Evolution having a casual drink and answering all your spooky questions. We hope to see you there!

Interlude: Post Apocalypse Punk, By Abney Park

Sound Clips: We Don’t Need Another Hero, By Tina Turner,

Intro Scene from Zardoz

and Lord Humungous Speaks from Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

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