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Guttural Frequency 004: Cults

This week we delve into our darkest topic yet.  We talk about the very real horrors of the various cults that have made their name in history.  Just what is it that gives these madmen control and influence over seemingly normal people?  Which Japanese rocker was under the influence of a cult for over 10 years?  Who was it that orchestrated the Sarin Gas Attack in the Tokyo Subways? And exactly what did they put into that Kool-aid?  And what is Edison’s sure fire cult prevention method?  Find out this week as we talk about kvlts.

This episode contains some very graphic topics, if the following trigger warnings affect you in any way, please DO NOT listen to this episode.  Abuse, child abouse, sexual violence, and suicide.

Interlude: One More Soul to the Call, By Akira Yamaoka

Additional tracks: Ghosts 1 – 9, By Nine Inch Nails

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