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Earth 2 #1

Having just finished reading the Apokalips invasion of Darkseid’s Parademons in Justice League Vol.1, I unwittingly stumbled into this book as a perfect follow up! What would have happened if it all didn’t work out? A parallel Earth has failed to defeat the invaders and have struggled to survive for the past five years. We see the last moments of Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman and watch as Supergirl and Robin (Soon to be Huntress) escape this world to their own book World’s Finest. Jay Garrick also becomes the Flash in a very fresh origin that is easily the coolest part of this first issue. Writer James Robinson still has some tricks up his sleeve and seems to be putting more into this first issue of E2 that Johns did into the entire first run of Justice League, winding up the second wave of DC titles and breathing new life into the JSA leaving us with only one question; why not just call it JSA?

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