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Doctor Who: the Space Museum and the Chase

Most current viewers of Doctor Who are probably rightly happy to skip over the old William Hartnell episodes. He was after all, the very first Doctor. The series is in black and white and it is pretty damn slow. So what would be a good incentive to buy this DVD? Well, I guess maybe if the BBC put two stories into one package, that would be pretty good!

The Space Museum and all of it’s special features are on disc one. In fact, the best the disc has to offer is the featurette entitled; “Defending the Museum” where current Who writer Robert Shearman actually does a magnificient job of pleading a case for what seems to be a poorly thought of storyline. It might even be best to watch this as a precursor to watching the actual show. Also included on the disc is a commentary and two other featurettes.

On the second disc is another Hartnell adventure “the Chase”; a Dalek story! Again, it’s always nice to see the Daleks but the six episodes are fairly slow and dated. Still, the third disc features all kinds of “Who” goodies like; a making of, over forty-five minutes of Dalek featurettes, interviews with cast and crew and a profile on Shawcraft (the modelmaking company that worked on Who)! Whether or not you are a fan of the old episodes, the DVD is worth getting for the extras alone!

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