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Doctor Who: Silver Nemesis

If you were to compare the long running Who series to the James Bond franchise based almost solely  on the recasting of the hero, Tom Baker would likely be akin to a Sean Connery. Peter Davidson would be a Roger Moore with his own fan base and worthy additions and yet always in Baker’s shadow. If Who’s resurrection to television as Christopher Eccleston is as pivotal as Pierce Bronsnan’s reinvention of the 007 franchise in the nineties then where does that leave Sylvester McCoy’s Doctor? Unfortunately he’s closest to the rumpled tux and unconvincing flicks of Timothy Dalton.

By the eighties, Doctor Who’s ratings had gone down, the budgets were getting smaller and smaller. This episode is near the end of it’s long run and celebrates the Doctor’s twenty-fifth anniversary. How many television shows can boast a twenty fifth anniversary? In keeping with the anniversary motif, the story utilized the Cybermen and changed the title to Silver Nemesis to underscore this “silver” anniversary. The disc is outfitted with all the prerequisite BBC goodies including commentary by cast and crew and featurettes, etc.

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