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Doctor Who: Horns of Nimon

It starts a little slow, let’s not deny it, but by the end of the second episode Romana has to face off against the Nimon; a monstrous god that looks like a cross between an Egyptian Anubis-type figure and a Minotaur from Greek mythology. Either way, animal head and little man-skirt. Now sculpt that animal head with very little skill out of foam and stick two yellow ice cream cones onto it and you’ve got a Nimon! And if you’ve got a problem with that, then not only should you not buy this DVD, but you probably have no business watching Doctor Who at all!

This is Tom Baker territory right here! Spaceships and monsters and cheap sets and glorious hyjinx! The plot is pretty incidental here, isn’t it? The very second the Doctor’s crazy TARDIS malfunctions we know that we will embark on a funny, cheap looking, hammy and utterly epic journey through space and time to defeat evils both human and alien! All of the best Who are always ambitious stories.

Performance wise you’ll always be happy with a Tom Baker episode, his rhythms and bursts of energy are always entertaining but in this set, Baker is given the perfect partner to spar with. Graham Crowden plays Soldeed; a leader who is duped by the Nimon into sending it sacrifices. His manic overacting and quirky insanity is a beautiful companion to Baker, a dark reflection almost. Of course, the most powerful acting presence might be in the foot tall shoebox on wheels, the Doctor’s trusty robot dog, K-9. Yes, it’s a K-9 story as well!

Like every BBC Doctor Who DVD, this is a loaded package fit with commentary, featurette, interview with the writer, original music demos for the score, photos and all kinds of nice additionals. If there were to be any complaints it might be that Tom Baker is not on the commentary, but to be fair he is on many of the other DVDs.

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