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DC Presents: Young Justice #1

I am always excited for a new DC Comics animated show but Young Justice has me straight geeked. Apparently, they are going to be introducing 150 DC characters in this show in the first season alone! Funny thing is, when it was announced, I didn’t even known what Young Justice was. I knew Teen Titans of course, but this incarnation of the team (that had its own comic series), wasn’t on my radar. So, just like any other DC fan not familiar with Young Justice, this comic was a perfect taste of what to expect from the comic and the show! Unlike other DC 100-Page Spectaculars I have read lately, this one is a singular story, not a collection. The plot is about how the first couple of members of Young Justice come together out of the necessity of the situation, just like the original Justice League. A crisis that separates the world into kid and adult versions leaves the Justice League baffled on the Adult Earth, but sidekicks Robin, Superboy and Impulse use their combined skills to solve the problem on Kid Earth (aka Bedlam). The writing was definitely humorous and a character I didn’t know much about, Impulse, ended up being the highlight of story. He’s one of those teenagers full of energy but has no patients or brains to speak of, and this makes him a liability a lot of the time. However, let’s just say his lack of mental facilities comes in handy against a certain jovial supervillian. For anybody else who’s excited about the show, this is a good brush up before it starts.

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