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Superman/Batman: Search for Kryptonite


If I wanted to, I could sell this book on it’s merits alone. There are some really cool aspects worth mentioning. The opening scene for example is of Batman and Superman having a heart to heart on a rooftop. As Batman reveals his origin to Supes, you start to question why he’s bothering to tell Superman something he already knows. Then you realize that he’s telling it all wrong and as he removes his cowl to reveal his bright shock of blonde hair, you suddenly realize what you’ve been watching is the filming of a ficticious Superman/Batman movie. Across the street, the real Batman starts to complain that they’ve got his origin story all wrong to a snickering Superman. Pretty good beginning, right?

The book focuses on Superman trying to rid the world of all Kryptonite and in doing so it reveals a new kind of Kryptonite, creates a new team of foes for Superman to fight (all with Superman’s powers but fueled by the nasty green rock), and a Kryptonite Doomsday who is pretty bad ass.

Sounds good so far, but the problem is a pretty blatant issue that keeps you from really enjoying the book; Batman wouldn’t ever help Superman get rid of his one weakness and Superman wouldn’t want to make himself immortal. The moment Supes considered himself so perfect is exactly the moment he would stop being the hero and we should hope to have a chunk of Kryptonite in our closets. As if he hasn’t turned bad enough times or been under the influence of someone like Poison Ivy and every time he stepped out of line, Batman is always the one there with a Kryptonite ring on his hand, ready to bitch slap the big boyscout. There are more subtle reasons to criticize the book, like the author’s take on Batman; that he is an optimistic person on the inside but a sarcastic smart mouth on the outside. This is revealing for readers who realize that the writer doesn’t really understand these characters and that tends to make his bigger issues pretty glaring.

If you want cheap fun you can enjoy without having to use your brain, give it a shot, but this isn’t great stuff. The visuals are cool as you can see in the above image. Who do you think makes Clark’s anti-Kryptonite armor? Maybe Bats did him a solid.

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