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New Avengers Vol.11 TPB


Search for the Sorcerer Supreme

Bendis, Mr. Marvel, the Master. He churns these things out with the speed and effort of a kid making Play-Dough spaghetti: he seems to just push a lever and out comes sheer entertainment with all the evolutions and twists you’d want to see. How does he do it? How many titles does he tackle every month?

In this new volume of New Avengers, Dr. Strange is searching for his replacement as -you guessed it and the title pretty much spells it out. The book is filled with his trademarked banter and is generally entertaining although hardly the strongest book in his run. Much of the character’s back and forth focuses on events surrounding Dark Reign and Osbourne’s  rise to power. The new Sorceror Supreme is chosen by the end of the book and it is like so much of Bendis’ work; word perfect and great fun.

There are some cool guest appearances as Strange tries to find a replacement. Wiccan from Young Avengers is a possible candidate, giving the team some much deserved face time and Daiman Hellstrom as well as Brother Voodoo and the Hood who has some major focus in the book and it is brutal in the best of ways. So just another average entry of solid work for Bendis on the title.

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