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Asterix 50th Anniversary

Comic003 spills the beans on the birthday boy’s newest book. Check it out:

“In commemoration of Asterix‘s 50th birthday, born on 29 October 1959 in the pages of the very first issue of the weekly magazine Pilote, Albert Uderzo has come up with an exceptional gift to pay homage to his heroes and to the millions of their readers throughout the world!

True to the love of caricature and the mocking spirit of the Pilote years, Albert Uderzo has created an album of Asterix short stories focusing on the birthday theme and filled with 56 pages of hitherto unpublished drawings! While Asterix and Obelix are off hunting wild boar in the forest surrounding the Village, many of the 400 characters from the Asterix albums come together, in answer to Chief Vitalstatistix’s invitation, to prepare a birthday party for the two friends.

While reading the album, we discover Asterix and his friends some 50 years later, a side-splitting fashion show featuring Obelix, birthday wishes from Edifis, Panacea and even the pirates, a travel guide based on a never-before published text by René Goscinny, parodies of famous record covers produced by Cacofonix, and, even more incredible, a fabulous Gaulish Museum devised by Prolix the soothsayer.

A handsome album which concludes (every rule has an exception!) not with a banquet but with a brilliant round of more than 60 characters – proof (should it still be needed) of the youthful virtuosity of Albert Uderzo’s drawing talents.”

To read more about the details of the Golden Book click here!

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    November 12, 2009 at 3:13 am
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