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Batwoman #0

Probably the best part about the latest Batwoman is that Bruce doesn’t know who she is. And that is what this primer before her new series is all about. Batman has narrowed down who could be behind the mask and he’s following her exploits in Gotham to be sure. He obviously wants her to have a part in his Batman International plan, largely because he doesn’t like variables and unknowns

If you hadn’t heard, this Batwoman is a fiery redhead that dated detective Renee Montoya (formerly of GCPD, currently bares the mantle of The Question). Her storyline is closely tied to the Religion of Crime and the Book of Crime (aka Crime Bible), so in this issue Batman follows her on a mission to take down R.O.C. thugs transporting a sarcophagus. We also get a parallel story that gives us some background on her upbringing and what lead her to take up arms against tyranny as Batwoman. What is interesting is that while J.H. Williams (Promethea, Desolation Jones) handles art duties and writes the story taking place at present, Amy Reeder handles the pencils on the flashback sequences that are running concurrent to that story. In other words, there are actually these two different art styles contrasted on almost every page. Cool stuff. My only complaint, it’s short.

I like how DC does #0 issues because it is a good way to get some origin story out of the way before the real fun. There’s probably another issue or two out by now but some comic stores might still have a copy of #0 for you.

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