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Jonny Botsch:

Owner of a comic shop in Vancouver, Jonny likes to talk. A lot. So much so that he feels the need to record it on a weekly basis and invite his friends to join in. Comics are his first love to the sad realization of his wife and child. He will one day be entombed amidst an infinitely impressive or truly sad collection of DVDs, Blu Rays, Comics and Statues. At least that’s the plan.

Travis Kutt:


Nick Kleinsteuber:

Dreamer, lover… poet.  Nick is all of these things as well as the resident Marvel and Transformers fanboy around these parts. When not gushing over the latest Marvel movie, dissing Michael Bay, or defending Stan Lee’s honor,  Nick can be found lurking around the shop looking for new toy releases (and trouble!). Nick can get a little lost when Travis and Jonny start talking about terrible movies that they seemingly have endless amounts of free time to watch, apparently… seriously guys, how do you manage to watch all of those movies? Got a question about Silver Surfer, Optimus Prime, socioeconomic policy, or pretty much anything else? Nick’s got an opinion about EVERYTHING!

Tony Albrecht:

Tony Bones as he’s affectionately referred to is a man who likes his mechs big, his monsters bigger, his toys grungy and his beard in full effect. If you were to ever meet him in the street, it might be best not to try and fondle his bare feet. Tony’s aversion to people touching his feet has caused more than one full body seizure and guilty offenders to have their nipples ripped off in self defense. Tony also hosts Gutteral Frequency, the Fancore Horror podcast, local artshows in Vancouver and is always searching for clever ways of sneaking one more Transformer into his apartment without his lady noticing.

Jordan C.

The name is Jordan C. and if you know anything about the Hip-Hop scene in Vancouver, BC, you probably know about me. Being the founder and editor of Canada’s longest running Hip-Hop publication, Thick Magazine /, is one way I’ve been making my voice heard. While being a founding member of the infamous 108 collective has made me a guiding force in a scene in need of direction. So, how do I fit into the Fancore side of things? Well, I’m a pop culture fiend and info addict, and therefore can wax poetic on quite a vast number of topics including music, film, comics, collectibles, etc. You’ll know I’m on the podcast because I completely lack the ability to stay on topic and am a regular victim of “tangentia” (my trademarked term that combines tangent and dementia).