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5 Ronin: Hulk

Sadly, the second issue of 5 Ronin isn’t any better than the first and the entire project is struggling to justify why anyone might care, but not providing a single reason. The Ronin Hulk only “hulks out” once on one page in this issue. It’s completely underwhelming and leads us to wonder; why choose Marvel characters if you’re not going to actually make them Marvel characters? A Wolverine without powers, whose entire story is nothing like Wolverine and a Hulk story that doesn’t feature the Hulk? Why create this series at all? If you took the character name association away from this series it would be less disappointing and completely boring, but it’s the possibility that some cool Marvel samurai action is going to take place, but this is not going to live up to those ideas. As an additional, last critisism, Dalibor Talajic as a choice as artist for a Japanese styled series filled with Japanese characters seems somewhat questionable since he feels that there would be many Caucasians in feudal Japan, drawing these white faces that confound readers as to what they’re doing there. Blagh!

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