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018 VIFF: ZMD Review


In ZMD, no topic is safe. From stereotypes to racism, religion to politics the new Shaun of the Dead is ZMD. Now it isn’t British, but it does have as much in common with its mix of comedy and horror with Edgar Wright‘s film more so than any other zombie picture. That of course is a compliment of the highest order as both films have their own feel and flavor.

Although it’s Zombieland that is getting the big release, Rovin and I saw this at the Vancouver Film Festival and have a few comments to make. So Check out the trailer below, it should be all you need to convince you to check it out or at least put it on your wish list for the when the DVD is released.

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  • Reply Ben Sisko

    Sounds frak’n cool….is it going to get a wider release, or is DVD next I wonder?

    October 4, 2009 at 6:26 pm
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