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003 Drag Me To Hell Review


After the questionable monument that was Spiderman 3and rumors that he”ll be heading up Spiderman 4, we all have to wonder whether director Sam Raimi has lost it completely. Are the days of Evil Dead and A Simple Plan gone to the history books?

His new flick, “Drag Me To Hell” has all the promise of his earlier works with horror and humor, smaller budgets and possibly more creative latitude than a big budget, studio picture can afford. But does this now A-list hollywood director still have the chops? We”ll discuss this and review the new movie to find out if there is a way back from Schumachersville. (Yes, that”s right. I just compared Spiderman 3 to Batman and Robin! Venom just needed nipple caps… well maybe in the fouth movie….)

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