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This review could start with an entire discussion on over hyping movies and how despite how great this movie is, it is NOT the second coming that people were gawking about three months ago. This is a good movie, no doubt about it, but it wasn”t mind blowing, just a solid and good movie. Maybe a solid and well made movie IS the mind blowing part by today”s standards!

In a nut shell, Zombieland is just another Zombie movie as far as backdrops go. The world has been ravaged by a zombie apocalypse, bla bla bla. The real life in this undead flick is the humor and tone which can be highly irreverent and flip into unguarded emotional scenes at the drop of a dime.

There is a detailed review of the film itself here, so this review will focus on the DVD special features. This is a one disc, perhaps (given the immediate success of the film) the sign of a special edition in the not too distant future? Either way, this version has the ever important commentary featuring director Ruben Fleischer, two of the writers and Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg (who horror fiends will remember from the lack luster Werewolf movie Cursed by veteran Wes Craven playing Christina Ricci“s brother). The commentary is nice but not outrageous or outstanding. Woody feels as though he”d say pretty much anything on his mind which is a nice change from so many glad-handing commentators for other films, (although there is a fair bit of this here as well). The deleted scenes number around seven or so; there are two making of featurettes neither of which is particularly penetrating. Also included is a quick digital effect breakdown and an odd short episode of a TV show that is not mentioned on the box.

The weak package does seem to hint that there will be a better package forthcoming, but this should be enough to tide everyone over in the mean time.

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