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Youth In Revolt

While the trailer for this movie looks interesting, the actual movie is surprisingly even better! It twists and turns avoiding every cliche imaginable creating it’s own world to inhabit, much like a Coen Brothers film. Quirky and even riotously funny at times, the cast is supported by endless cameos and brilliant material to play off of. The movie itself is a strange coming of age romance between Michael Sera and his lady fair. As luck would have it, he’ll need to break the rules and even a few laws to keep them together and to do so he comes up with alternate personae; Francois Dillinger.

I wouldn’t envy the person who would have to turn this movie into a trailer. To try and distill the movie down into a minute and a half? In the end it mostly captured some of the funny gags, but in a movie where even the dry scenes are somehow riveting, it pales to the actual film. Michael Sera has built himself a good selection of work thus far in his career, it’ll be interesting to see where he takes his career in the future.

The movie features a commentary by Sera and the director in which he (Sera) seems to be exactly who he is in everyone of his movies; the nice, awkward, mild mannered guy. Except in this movie where he gets to play a figment of his own imagination, a romanticized version of himself; the scrupulous Francois Dillinger. You’ll have to see the movie to appreciate it fully. Other special features include deleted scenes and rehearsal footage.

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