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X-O Manowar #1

Part Gladiator, part Metroid and part Captain America and all together an entirely new beast of comic creation, the origin of X-O was fantastic even back in the nineties and since then there hasn’t really been anything like it. Valiant returns with one of it’s strongest titles carrying their banner into battle. Cary Nord is both a Canadian artist with a resume highlighted by his run on Darkhorse’s Conan and a good choice to tell the tell the story of a Visigoth Warrior in a fight to kill Romans, abducted by aliens, suited in a biotech suit of armor and (if we can judge by the original series) dropped off in present day. The only problem that presents itself in the first issue is that not enough happens! He doesn’t even get the armor! Not yet at least. That’s not much of a criticism since the storytelling telling is strong and consistent and builds character and mood, but in a world where comic readers are dwindling and people have short attention spans, comic price tags are high and Valiant wants to reclaim it’s place as a cornerstone Indy publisher, they could have charged the gate like they have something to prove, because they do. This is an industry that forgets pretty quickly and Valiant’s name to most is tantamount to an N64 Turok game and some crappy coloring to most people, if they remember them at all. Myself, I want all the success they deserve simply so I can get more X-O and Harbinger and Bloodshot and Archer & Armstrong, so enjoy this comic, ask your local retailer for more and hopefully they’ll keep building this very cool mythology.

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