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X Force Vol.3: Not Forgotten TPB

I have to admit that I’ve never read the first two volumes of this series, but I’d heard good things. With that said, I was more than a little excited to crack open this book and check out the mayhem the mutant black ops team would be partaking in. I was not disappointed.

Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost handle the writing chores broken down into two parts. The first part (issues 12-13) is wonderfully rendered by Clayton Crain. His digital paintings are breath taking. Worth the cover price alone. The second part (issues 17-20) are amazingly drawn by Mike Choi and Sonia Oback and continue the story which started two issues earlier.

Old X-Men foe; mutant hater Bastion, has assembled a bunch of other mutant bigots lead by The Leper Queen and has acquired the legacy virus. Weaponizing the virus and infecting mutants, Bastion then releases these infected mutants into highly populated areas where they self destruct, killing both humans and mutants alike. Bastion takes it a step further by kidnapping three young mutants who are close to the X Force team. It soon becomes a race against time to find and “cure” these mutants before untold destruction can be released on the world. Now if that was all there was this book would still kick ass, but there’s also a parallel story that involves X-23 being captured and tortured by her creators. This parallel story is a bloody good romp.

Maybe the thing I love most about this book is seeing team leader Wolverine (my favorite character ever) not having to hold back. He decapitates, cuts in half and for one unsuspecting victim completely annihilates his face. This is the Wolverine I’ve been dreaming to see for a long time. This book is not for the kids, just a word to the cautious.

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