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Wrong Side of Town

Between the wafer thin plot and Rob Van Dam“s mortifying one liners, the only redeeming feature of Wrong Side of Town is the opening credit sequence. A poor man”s James Bond music video montage of hot chicks and guns, champagne bottles and smoke trails; these four minutes are easily the most dynamic and visually interesting in the movie. Of course, they have very little to do with the actual movie which is about Van Dam”s new neighbor taking him to a club where his wife is almost raped. When Van Dam steps in, the assailant ends up accidentally dead. Naturally, every coke sniffing rapist has a powerful and evil drug dealing brother who now wants Van Dam dead. Word gets out on the streets and Van Dam may casino online never make it home; every gangbanger and biker will be on the look out for him. Now let”s include the unwanted Ja Rule into the mix and what you have is a fairly uninteresting DVD. Actually, that might not be true; at least Ja Rule plays a convincing role of a punk gangbanger who gets knocked out with one punch and then has all of his homies hold Van Dam down so he can get his licks in. About a minute later he runs his mouth and gets shot in the head. And the music (a mixture of nu metal and hip hop tracks) doesn”t even feature a Ja track, so much faith had he in this project. Blessing or smart decision?

At least some of the action choreography is okay, specifically the fight between David Bautista and Marrese Crump. Their Kali style of knife fighting in the last ten minutes is pretty cool. This is also demonstrated in a four minute montage in the special features. Other special features include three featurettes showing interviews with cast about filming and stunts.

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