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World’s Finest #1

Straight out of the pages of Earth 2 #1, Supergirl (Powergirl) and Robin (Huntress) are stuck in our (the new DC 52) universe. We catch up on just how they’ve been spending the last five years and how they rename themselves before throwing down with the Irradiated man or at least starting to as it’s the issue’s cliffhanger. I was honestly hoping for a little more in this issue, having read it immediately after Earth 2, but this story isn’t a universe ending epic and much more of a buddy/team up book with a leisurely pace by comparison. George Perez handles art chores having finished his brief stint on Superman and I can’t say that this book is the best fit for him either. Perez has a nice style but so does Alex Ross and just because he’s willing, not every book is the right book for his style. With his classic appeal and almost retro essence, I’d like to see him pencil something akin to DC’s version of Avengers 1959, a book where his style adds to the aesthetic rather that pull you away from the cutting edge of the next generation. So World’s Finest wasn’t the world’s worst, but it could still be worlds better. Even so, we’re only on issue one and the world’s watching.

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